During the weekend of January 26-28, 2018, a small group of the Mountain Medicine Course DiMM diploma holders visited the Alpine centre in Avoriaz, France.


They joined Kristina Höschlová, the Course’ Director and an ex-emergency doctor of Mont Blanc Helicopteres in Avoriaz, to prepare the training for the Mountain Medicine Course for Mountaineers, planned for the winter 2019.

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During the 2 busy and sunny days, the Czech and Slovak doctors and paramedics were happy to join the rescue teams of the Ski-patrol SERMA, Mont Blanc Helicopteres and the Medical Centre of Avoriaz.


More about Avoriaz and Mont Blanc Helicopteres HERE.

SATURDAY – practice with the Avoriaz Ski-patrol and TRAUMA in the difficult winter terrain


Our sincere thanks to the Ski-patrollers: JAMES, INGRID and GREG for their highly professional approach, patience and encouragement.


SUNDAY – Mont Blanc Helicopteres, RECCO avalanche research and AVALANCHE accident:

The Ski-patrollers FABRICE and QUENTIN and Fabrice’s dog HAWAK prepared a great and instructive training in avalanche rescue.


Also PAULA Burgueno, an emergency physician, who worked with the Mont Blanc Helicopteres in the last season, had joined the training as an instructor with a lot of enthusiasm.

Further we like to express our gratitude to all the Mont Blanc Helicopteres team, especially to COOKIE and YVES, for their warm reception and kindness to share their great experiences.


Our sincere thanks also to Christophe Estebe, the chief of the Avoriaz Ski-patrol and to Alain Colombey, the chief of the Mont Blanc Helicopteres base in Avoriaz, to enable this two awesome days.

Group photo: Matthieu Vitré

More about the rescue seasons in Avoriaz in Kristina’s book “Doctor Between the Sky and the Mountains

Testimonials of the participants and local ski-patrollers:

“Thank you again for the opportunity of this training, it was awesome!” Jan Franta, DiMM holder 2017

“Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend full of great entertainment, sun, beautiful women, true men, good wine and a lot of fun!” Tomáš Beran, DiMM holder 2017

“Thank you again for the wonderful and precious program, our souvenirs are unforgettable!” Ivana Sikulová, Lecturer and DiMM holder 2016

“Many thanks for this event, we are delighted! Me personally, I have to say the event was perfectly organised and highly motivating. Also the group was just cool :)!” Richard Lochmann, mountain rescuer and MMC manager

“I really enjoyed the day, it was a great opportunity to meet all the guys on the course with such diverse and interesting background and experiences.” James, the Ski-patroller from Avoriaz

“It was a pleasure to share our work with you!” Ingrid, the Ski-patroller from Avoriaz

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