First Aid in Extreme Conditions.

The mountain medicine course for mountaineers provides a qualified training in the medical first aid in the mountain and remote environment. Further, the participants will be instructed in the effective cooperation with the professional medical aid, Helicopter Rescue especially.


Important Information

The Course is destined for the people, who go often to the mountains and usually have some responsibility for the other persons:
- Mountain Rescue members
- UIAGM guides
- UIMLA mountain leaders
- Climbing instructors
- Expedition leaders
- Active alpinists
Participation in the the Course requires following:
- good health and fitness
- basic mountaineering and climbing skills

Participation in the Alpine Modules requires furthermore:
- perfect ski skills in free terrain

The program runs mostly in Czech language, thus good knowledge is mandatory.
The Course is divided into 6 different modules.
Each module lasts 1 day.
The applicants may enrol for different modules separately, according to their interest.
To be admitted for the Alpine Modules (5 and 6) participation in the Basic Modules number 2, 3 and 4 is mandatory.

Are you interested, how was the Course in 2018/19 alike? Please, be invited to check the News.
The Course' overview is posted HERE
Next Course for mountaineers is not announced yet.
The Course 2018/2019 was held in September 2018 (Basic modules 1-4) in Jizerske Mountains, Czech Republic and in March 2019 (Alpine modules 5 and 6) in Avoriaz, France:

1 - Module EXPEDITION: September 8, 2018, Stara Pila mountain lodge, hamlet Jizerka
2 - Module COLD: September 9, 2018, Stara Pila mountain lodge, hamlet Jizerka
3 - Module 1st AID and MOUNTAIN HELICOPTER RESCUE: September 10, 2018, Stara Pila mountain lodge, hamlet Jizerka
4 - Module TRAUMA: September 11, 2018, Stara Pila mountain lodge, hamlet Jizerka
5 - Alpine module ALPINE TRAUMA RESCUE: March 23, 2019, Avoriaz, France
6 - Alpine module HELICOPTER and AVALANCHE: March 24, 2019, Avoriaz, France
- Highly qualified and certificated education in medical first aid in the mountain and remote environment
- Introduction to the professional Helicopter rescue system
- Training how to organize an effective rescue mission

After successful completion of the WHOLE COURSE (Modules 1-6) the participants are rewarded with a diploma recognized by the MedCom UIAA, ICAR and ISMM medical commission.
Any question regarding the course please direct to Miss Tereza Andresová
Diploma holders (completed the WHOLE COURSE):

Jiří Bydžovský - Sulice-Kamenice (CZ)
Ing. Lukáš Císař - Brno (CZ)
Ing. Juraj Čermák, MBA - Žilina (SK)
Jiří Drápal - Brno (CZ)
Petr Kepka - Čerčany (CZ)
Bc. Lenka Mondeková - Jeseník (CZ)
Michaela Nová - Havířov (CZ)
Jaroslav Ruszó - Handlová (SK)
Jiří Šrenk - Zlín (CZ)
Mgr. Gabriela Tóthová - Praha (CZ)
Bc. Ján Žiak - Rajecké Teplice (SK)

PARTICIPATED in selected modules of the COURSE:

Mgr. Patrik Barjak - Bratislava (SK)
Michaela Hejsková - Liberec (CZ)
Václav Vochomůrka - Liberec (CZ)

Mountain ski resort Avoriaz

Avoriaz is a popular ski resort in the French Alpine district of Haute Savoie and is located on the border with Switzerland.

The station has been built in the 60ties from the initiative of Jean Vuarnet, an Olympic alpine ski winner. Avoriaz, with its authentic architecture, is forbidden for cars in the wintertime, the station is designed to be fully skiable. Other transport around the resort includes horse-drawn sleighs or snow cats. Avoriaz is situated in the very hearth of the ski domain Portes du Soleil, which comprises around 12 French and Suisse ski stations. For its 650 km of ski slopes Portes du Soleil counts among the largest ski domains in the world.

Mont Blanc Helicopteres

is a French private airline company.

Nowadays, the company holds a fleet of over 30 helicopters and it has conducted over 225 000 flying hours since its creation in 1980.
Among other activities, Mont-Blanc Helicopteres assures medical air rescue in the mountainous environment. The crewmembers, including doctor, usually intervene in coordination with the Ski patrol. They provide technical and medical rescue of the victims of the serious ski accidents and they evacuate them to the appropriate medical facility.
The mountain rescue pilots are of the highest experiences, especially given the particularly sensitive aerology inherent to mountain environments.

Do you have any question?

Please, be invited to contact our Course’ coordinator Tereza Andresová:


Our partners

The Course is supported by the MedCom UIAA, ICAR and ISMM and is organized in close cooperation with the Liberec region Emergency Medical Services, Technical University of Liberec, Avoriaz Ski Patrol and the Mont Blanc Helicopteres airline company.

Mountain Medicine Course runs under the patronage of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

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