Mountain medicine - be prepared.

Over the past decades we have seen more and more people travelling to high altitudes, the Alps and mountains over 5000 m. The increasing number of travelers in the mountains brings along a growing number of injuries and health issues related both, to high altitude and pre-existing medical conditions.

Doctors and health professionals who either accompany groups travelling to the mountains or consult a group or an individual before their travels, often face difficult, health-related challenges. The Mountain Medicine Course provides doctors and paramedics an extended education on mountain environment related injuries and medical conditions.

Meet our Lecturers:

Urs Wiget


A legendary and worldwide respected mountain rescue and expedition doctor. Although retired since 2004 from the REGA and Air Glaciers mountain helicopter rescue, still highly active in the expedition medicine. A past president of the ICAR MedCom and a past and founding president of the GRIMM (a Swiss society for medical rescue). Participated in four 8000 expeditions (Mt.Everest, K2, Shisha Pangma, Broad Peak) as a doctor and an active climber.

David Hillebrandt

United Kingdom

Long-life mountain medicine passionate, actually practicing general medicine in south west of England. He is a vice president of the International Society for Mountain Medicine (ISMM) and a past president of the UIAA MedCom. He medically advises the British Mountaineering Council, UIAGM British Guides and a commercial expedition company. He is a respected teacher and supervisor within the International Mountain Medicine Diploma Courses DiMM.

Fidel Elselsohn


A long-life practitioner in mountain rescue and emergency medicine. Medical director of the Austrian Mountain Rescue Services and author of numerous scientific articles on Mountain Emergency Medicine. A past president of ICAR MedCom and a respected teacher and supervisor within the International Mountain Medicine Diploma Courses DiMM.

Niels Holthof


Native from Belgium, since 2013 practicing in Switzerland in Bern as a specialist in anaesthesiology and intensive care and in Sion as an emergency doctor with the mountain helicopter rescue Air Glaciers. Member of GRIMM (a Swiss society for medical rescue). Active alpinist and a DiMM (Mountain Medicine Diploma) holder.

Guido Giardini


Professor in neurology in the Regional Hospital of Val d’Aosta. Medical advisor of the Italian Society for Mountain Medicine. Founder and chief of a mountain medicine consulting centre in Val d’Aosta and co-founder of the cross-border project Resamont. Long-life passionate for mountain medicine specialised in altitude physiology, altitude-related neurologic pathologies and telemedicine.



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Both Mountain Medicine Courses are supported by the MedCom UIAA, ICAR and a href="" target"_blank">ISMM and are organized in close cooperation with the Liberec region Emergency Medical Services and Technical University of Liberec.

Mountain Medicine Course runs under the patronage of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

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