On the Easter Monday, April 2, 2018, Emmanuel Cauchy passed away in an avalanche.

The accident occurred in the mountains close to Chamonix where he has spent most of his life and has rescued many lives during his career of a medical mountain rescuer.


Emmanuel Cauchy will undoubtedly always remain one of the most remarkable personalities in the world of the mountain medicine.

E.g. thanks to his tireless concern in the medical approach for frostbite, many of frostbitten patients are now allowed to avoid the useless amputations, since he has established his new protocol.

Further, with his endless enthusiasm, Manu remarkably contributed in spreading education in mountain medicine worldwide.


We too, the Czech doctors and paramedics, feel very grateful to had enjoyed Emmanuel’s openness to transmit his experiences when he joined our courses in the last years.


Manu, we know, you will not like us see to cry.

You would like us to keep on loving our lifes, playing music, going to the mountains, living our dreams.

You would like us to keep on doing the mountain medicine, ask, search, try, love it and spread this passion and experiences far among the young and new interested ones.

Manu, may your soul remain in lightness, you will be always in our hearts.




and all the participants of Mountain Medicine Courses in the Czech Republic

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