Medicine in extreme conditions

The Mountain Medicine Course in the Czech Republic adopts the standards of the medical commission of United International Alpine Association (UIAA) and the International Commission for Alpine Rescue (ICAR), and the International Society for Mountain Medicine (ISMM).

Our Course is the first of its' kind in the Middle and Eastern Europe and the only one offering the “DiMM” Diploma in Mountain Medicine, which is recognized by the above mentioned international organizations.

Lecturers - experienced Doctors and certified Mountain Guides

Urs Wiget


A legendary and worldwide respected mountain rescue and expedition doctor. Although retired since 2004 from the REGA and Air Glaciers mountain helicopter rescue, still highly active in the expedition medicine. A past president of the ICAR MedCom and a past and founding president of the GRIMM (a Swiss society for medical rescue). Participated in four 8000 expeditions (Mt.Everest, K2, Shisha Pangma, Broad Peak) as a doctor and an active climber.

David Hillebrandt

United Kingdom

Long-life mountain medicine passionate, actually practicing general medicine in south west of England. He is a vice president of the International Society for Mountain Medicine (ISMM) and a past president of the UIAA MedCom. He medically advises the British Mountaineering Council, UIAGM British Guides and a commercial expedition company. He is a respected teacher and supervisor within the International Mountain Medicine Diploma Courses DiMM.

Fidel Elselsohn


A long-life practitioner in mountain rescue and emergency medicine, has been working for 23 years with the Helicopter Rescue Services in Austria. Medical director of the Austrian Mountain Rescue Services and author of numerous scientific articles on Mountain Emergency Medicine. A past president of ICAR MedCom and a respected teacher and supervisor within the International Mountain Medicine Diploma Courses DiMM.

Niels Holthof


Native from Belgium, since 2013 practicing in Switzerland in Bern as a specialist in anaesthesiology and intensive care and in Sion as an emergency doctor with the mountain helicopter rescue Air Glaciers. Member of GRIMM (a Swiss society for medical rescue). Active alpinist and a DiMM (Mountain Medicine Diploma) holder.

Guido Giardini


Professor in neurology in the Regional Hospital of Val d’Aosta. Medical advisor of the Italian Society for Mountain Medicine. Founder and chief of a mountain medicine consulting centre in Val d’Aosta and co-founder of the cross-border project Resamont. Long-life passionate for mountain medicine specialised in altitude physiology, altitude-related neurologic pathologies and telemedicine.

Important information

One more day in summer session to learn more about the altitude medicine and traumatology
Final conference at the last evening to have the exceptional opportunity to discuss the most interesting mountain medicine topics with the experts
• Training with Bergwacht Bayern in the Helicopter Rescue Training Centre in Bad Tölz, Germany
• the “BIG DAY” on via ferrata with Liberec HEMS team, DSA Helicopter, Czech Mountain Rescue and Water Rescue
Applicants to the Course must be:

- Medical doctors of any specialty 

- Medical School Students who have completed at least fourth year of the studies
- Paramedics with minimum three years' experience in emergency medicine

Number of participants: min. 14, max. 20
Ratio Doctors vs. paramedics/ students must be at least 1:1
To attend the outdoor and helicopter training good health and fitness is required.

- Lectures and training is conducted in English, therefor all participants should master the English language well.

- To be awarded the Diploma in Mountain Medicine a participant must attend 85% of the Course program and pass the final exam successfully.
The DiMM Course for the doctors will be held in 2020:

Winter session: March 22-29, 2020, Krkonoše National Park, Czech Republic

Due to COVID-19 regulations the winter session is postponed to March 19-26, 2021 and will be held at mountain chalet Dvoračky.

Helicopter Mountain Rescue Centre training: June 8, 2020, 1 day, Bad Tölz, Bavaria, Germany
The date of the training will be postponed to November 2020. We will come back with more precise information during May 2020.

Summer session: September 5-13, 2020, chalet Nad Jizerským Údolím, Jizera Mountains, Czech Republic
Our Mountain Medicine Course prepares medical professionals to provide medical support to high altitude expeditions, trekking or outdoor groups and manage any medical emergency in remote environment. 
The Course’ participants will be capable of providing professional health care to patients in the mountainous environment, and also to execute basic mountain rescue training to amateur rescuers. 

The Graduates from the Course will be awarded with the „DiMM“ Diploma in Mountain Medicine, which is approved by the MedCom UIAA, ICAR and ISMM.

The Course is rated 84 credits in the evaluation of the Czech Medical Chamber, and it is a recognized program in the Further Education in Medicine.
1.) 6-8 weeks prior to the Course, students receive printed study materials for theoretical preparation
2.) Compulsory ON-LINE entrance TEST, which should confirm the theoretical preparedness of the students
3.) Mostly practical and interactive sessions in the above stated terms
4.) Final EXAM on the last day of the Course, which includes a written test, an oral exam (Case Scenario) and a practical task

The program you can find HERE
The PRICE of the COURSE for DOCTORS in 2020 is 2990 Euro/entire Course

The price does include any costs of the Course except for accommodation, catering and travel costs.
The mountaineering equipment is not included as well, if needed, we can arrange for rental with our partners.
The Course 2020 is fully booked. However, be invited to contact us at If vacant place available, we will be happy to let you know!

About the Training Center

The Helicopter Rescue Training Center is located 50 south of Munich, in a little Bavarian town Bad Tölz, Germany, and is known as an unique center of mountain rescue. Air rescue in a demanding terrain is simulated in an enormous hangar with helicopters and simulated rocks, buildings, chairlift and a mountain lake. Our training will be provided by the members of the Bavarian Mountain Rescue Services, Bergwacht-Bayern.

Do you have
any question?

Please, be invited to contact our Course’ coordinator Tereza Andresova:


Dr. Ondřej Crkva – Gastroenterology, Cantonal Hospital of Karlovy Vary, CZ
Dr. David Doubek – Emergency medicine, HEMS Prague, CZ
Dr. Jan Ferech – Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Cantonal Hospital of Liberec, CZ
Dr. Jan Franta – Neonatology, National Neonatal Transport Programme, Ireland
Dr. David Halata – General practitioner, Hostalkova, CZ
Dr. Světlana Hrachovinová – Internal medicine, SMN Sternberk, CZ
Dr. Petr Kolouch, MBA – Emergency medicine, HEMS Prague, CZ
Dr. Jaroslav Kratochvíl – Internal medicine, emergency medicine, HEMS of South Bohemian region, University Hospital Motol, Prague, CZ
Dr. Pavel Křička – Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Hopital Cantonal Fribourg, Switzerland
Dr. Barbora Listopadová – Emergency medicine, HEMS ATE Bratislava, Slovakia
Dr. Daniela Murínová - Emergency medicine, HEMS Prague, CZ
Dr.Bibiana Paldusová – Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Cantonal Hospital of Liberec, CZ
Dr. David Poff – Emergency medicine, Royal Flying Doctor Service Western Operations, Western Australia
Dr. Petra Růžičková – Internal medicine, Military University Hospital Prague, CZ
Dr. Karel Štěpánek – Emergency medicine, HEMS of region Ústí nad Labem, CZ
Dr. Martin Šrámek – Neurology, Military University Hospital Prague, CZ
Dr. Jan Vítek - Emergency medicine, HEMS Prague, CZ
Mr. Tomáš Beran - Emergency medicine, HEMS Prague, CZ
Mr. Zdeněk Křivánek M.Sc. - Emergency medicine, HEMS Prague, CZ
Miss Anna Brychtová – student, Olomouc Medical School, CZ
Dr. Zdeněk Eibel – A+R dpt., Jihlava hospital (CZ)
Dr. Tomáš Filip – Herz Zentrum Bernau (D)
Dr. Lenka Horáková – Hammersmith Hospital London (UK)
Dr. Jiří Chvojka, Ph.D. – Klinikum Nürnberg (D), EMS of the South Bohemia (CZ)
Dr. Jana Kubalová – EMS of the South Moravia (CZ)
Dr. Hana Kubinová – EMS of the Liberec region, Czech Mountain Rescue (CZ)
Dr. Lucie Langová – EMS of the Liberec region (CZ)
Dr. Eva Tauchmanová – EMS of the Liberec region (CZ)
Dr. Petra Zámostná – EM Med s.r.o., Vítkovice (CZ)
Dr. Taťána Žebráková – Mother and Child Care Institue, Praha (CZ)
Mr. Matěj Břeský – EMS of the Hradec Králové region (CZ)
Miss Veronika Bulířová – EMS of the Liberec region, Medical Faculty, Charles University, Plzeň (CZ)
Mr. Daniel Činovec – EMS of the Liberec region, EMS of the Hradec Králové region (CZ)
Mr. Jaroslav Jedlička – EMS of the Central Bohemia (CZ)
Mr.Miroslav Ouzký – EMS of the Hradec Králové region (CZ)
Mrs. Ivana Sikulová, M.Sc., Ph.D.– Falck, EMS, Slovakia (SK)


The Course is approved by the MedCom UIAA, MedCom ICAR and ISMM and is organized in close cooperation with the Liberec region Emergency Medical Services, Technical University of Liberec, Czech Mountain Rescue Services, Czech Mountain Guides Association and the DSA Helicopter company.

Mountain Medicine Course runs under the patronage of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

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