Winter Session

Trauma in the field

  Overview ABCDE according to ATLS

  Pain management in the field, loco-regional analgesia

  Field diagnosis of an injury, „diagnosis through the duvet jacket“

  Dislocations reductions and their fixation

  Field traumatology – model situations


Cold injuries



  Avalanche trauma


Outdoor training under supervision of mountain guides

  Glacier travel – techniques and security, crevasse rescue, orientation and navigation in demanding terrain.

  Avalanches – risks and prevention.


Summer Session

Trauma in the field, part two

  Rock climbing injuries/ Base jump/ Drowning

  Air Rescue – cooperation/ indication/ navigation/ safety/ contraindications of a rescue flight

  Air Rescue – equipment/ fixation/ evacuation, simulator training

  Basic rock climbing techniques/ On-rock rescue

  Trauma in the field – model situations


High altitude medicine

  Mountain Sickness (AMS, HAPE, HACE), Gamow bag use

  Expedition medicine

  Consultation of medical conditions before travelling to high altitude

  Extreme physiology/ nutrition/ drug use


Outdoor training under supervision of mountain guides

  Rope techniques, rock climbing, belaying and rescue, weather, survival techniques


Other Activities

  Training in the Helicopter Mountain Rescue Centre Bergwacht Bayern, Bad Tölz, Germany


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