The summer session of the International Mountain Medicine Course in the Czech Republic took place in the magic settlement of Jizerka in Jizerske Mountains.

Compared to the last year, the doctors and rescuers experienced much more challenging weather conditions: 10 degrees and mostly rain.

That more it was not difficult to pass the first two days in the homey lodge Stará Pila, fully immersed in the topics of ALTITUDE MEDICINE.

After the introduction of Jana Kubalová, which included training with the Gamow bag, Kristina Höschlová went on with some special videos and case scenarios from Altitude.

Afterwards it was Dominique Jean, who emphasized on her specialty: Women and children at altitude and introduced also the other interesting topics of Expedition medicine.

The expedition ambience was perfectly completed by the visit of Honza Tráva Trávníček, the Himalayan climber, who shared his experiences about nutrition and physical preparation for the expeditions.

Next day, after a trauma-workshop led by Kristina Höschlová, there was a performance of Jean-Marc Bertrand, a master of non-invasive traumatology of winter sports. He prepared lectures and a workshop about examination and reductions of luxations in remote environment.

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