Training in the Helicopter Rescue Centre Bergwacht Bayern, Bad Tölz, Germany

The 12th of June 2017 was a beautiful summer day and the Course members made it to the foothills of Bavarian Alps in the scope to spend one day in the Bavarian Rescue Training Centre (Zentrum für Sicherheit und Ausbildung Bergwacht Bayern).

Under the patient and professional leadership of Martin Zauner and the cautious care of helicopter technicians Rolf Frasch and Marth Harald all the 19 participants have experienced an exciting training at the helicopter simulators.

Each of the Course members had an opportunity to experience the helicopter flight, as well as winching and evacuation of a victim from terrain in a huge simulator hall.

Whilst one part of the group enjoyed the free space on the helicopter winch, the second group was fully captivated by the instructors of works at heights Jan Hajek (DSA Air Company) and Martin Riedl, who introduced the members in rappelling techniques and rescue on the rope.

This day enriched the Course members with many new aspects of the alpine rescue and allowed them to encounter the precious skills of the instructors. Sincere thanks to all of them!

Please, be invited to see the video from our training in 2016!

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