Day 6: Pascal Zellner from the Ifremmont Institute shared his rich experience with frostbite and hypothermia treatment. He presented interesting cases treated by himself or by his colleagues from the Alps and from all around the world.

After the lunch started a well prepared outdoor training of trauma management under real conditions in the open terrain. Under supervision of lectors and the Mountain Rescue Service, the Course members faced five different scenarios.

Evening brought into the Krkonoše Mountains another Czech Alpinist Honza “Tráva” Trávníček. He shared his personal experience with several medical troubles very honestly. His narration about managing two high-altitude disease victims at Manaslu opened the discussion that lasted until late night hours.

The 7th day was dedicated to the 2 topics which will be practiced in the upcoming sessions of the Course. The specialist Jana Kubalová presented altitude physiology and Kristina Höschlová concluded the winter session by an introduction in the system of Helicopter Emergency Medical Service in the Czech Republic and abroad.

All the participants were leaving Krkonoše Mountains with a beautiful weather and looking forward for the next session in Bad Tölz.

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