The 4th Edition of the International MOUNTAIN MEDICINE COURSE in the Czech Republic

The Mountain Medicine Course 2020/2021 started with the summer session, which took place in the beautiful settlement Jizerka in Jizera mountains. 11 medical doctors, 2 paramedics and 8 mountaineers practicing in 7 different countries (Czechia, Slovakia, Croatia, Ireland, Finland, Switzerland and Germany) gathered in the charming chalet of Šulc family at Jizerka to share their passion for the mountain medicine.

Day 7 – Examination and Diploma

And the last day? Yes, everybody passed SUCCESSFULLY the final exam, which consisted of a MCQ test, an oral presentation of a case scenario and 1 practical demonstration.

Beside a beautiful diploma there was a small surprise for everybody:

HONEY made by a beekeeper Petr Kříž from Vysočina, who is a fun of the Mountain Medicine Course, paramedic himself.

Another year of the International Mountain Medicine in the Czech Republic is over.

And again, we like to express our sincere thanks to all of the precious Course’ partners, lecturers and participants. It was really a great time and we look forward to meet again during the 3rd session in 2018!


And finally, under this link you can enjoy many beautiful snapshots made by the “mountain doctor” David Halata.

Day 6 – the Course’ Highpoint: Helicopter Training on Via Ferrata


The last invited lecturer, Emmanuel Cauchy, joined the group and enjoyed too the final complex training.

During the exercise, 5 different organizations amazingly cooperated together:

Liberec Medical Emergency Rescue Service, Helicopter air company DSA, Mountain Rescue of the Czech Republic, Water Rescue of the Red Cross and the Singing Rock Company.

The Course’ members equipped and introduced in the via ferrata techniques by the Singing Rock instructor Ondra Metelka and later they assisted to the Mountain Rescue to prepare the victims for evacuation. Afterwards, they have been evacuated in the role of victims by the professionals of the Liberec Helicopter EMS.

As the Water Rescue makes an important item of the outdoor rescue, they made a demonstration of their techniques under the leadership of Jan Sedláček and they also assisted to the Course’ members to pass over the untamed Jizera river.

The full involvement, high professionalism and perfect preparation of all of the participating organizations, was impressive.


Special thanks belong to the DSA air company, as for their great support of this training day.


If you like to see this day through the eyes of “Docteur Vertical”, Emmanuel Cauchy, be welcome to see his video.


Thanks also to Jan Kostík for the beautiful photos!


When tired, but happy, everybody gathered back in the lodge, the final conference took place, hosted by Kristina Höschlová.

Beside her, Jirka Chvojka, Jana Kubalová, Emmanuel Cauchy and Dominique Jean, had the space to give their opinions about different controversial subjects in the mountain medicine.

Day 4-5: Outdoor Activities with the Mountain Guides

The first day, as for the cold rainy weather, even the hard-core mountaineers Karel Kříž, Vojta Dvořák and Petr Faggič Giacintov, preferred to do the training in the Climbing center of Jablonec.


In the evening, 3 more Himalayan climbers found their way to enrich the Course’ambience: Zdeněk Háček Hák and Martin+Karel from the Betonski team.

The rainless Friday morning gave a good hope, so the rescue techniques could be exercised next day outdoor, on the typical granite rocks of Jizerky.

Day 3 – A Harsh Outdoor Trauma Training and HEMS station

On Wednesday, all the 20 of motivated Course’ participants experienced the real scenarios of different injuries in remote and difficult mountain environment.


Later that day, the group moved to Liberec, to visit the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) station in the scope to prepare for the final helicopter training planned for Saturday. Lucie Langová, a HEMS member and the Course’ graduate from 2016, prepared with their colleagues quite a busy afternoon (:))!