Day 4-5: Rock climbing and Rescue techniques

The pleasant Indian Summer time in the beauty of Jizera mountains invited everybody to enjoy the time on the rocks.

Mountain guides Karel Kříž, Vojta Dvořák and Martin Šťourač prepared two fruitful days on the granite rocks presenting the basic climbing, safety and rescue techniques.

Despite the busy program, many of the Course’ participants also enjoyed the area by trail-running or making baths in the cold mountain pools.

Day 2-3: Traumatology, Expedition medicine and Helicopter rescue visit

On day 2 and 3 we were lucky to welcome Urs Wiget from Switzerland, a true mountain medicine legend.

He presented the topic of expedition medicine and together with Kristina, Jirka and Jana he gave the workshops in reductions of luxations and the alternative transports of injured persons.

Later, the participants moved to the Liberec Helicopter Emergency Medical Base. Under the purposeful leadership of Lucka Langová and Miloš Odstrčil from the HEMS team, everybody could practice beside others the rappelling and evacuation techniques.

Day 1: Traumatology and Altitude medicine

Kristina Höschlová, the Course’ director, opened the summer session with the topic of traumatology in remote environment. Together with Jirka Chojka they presented the ways of analgesia and further proceeded with the practical part, examination of an injured person “through the duvet jacket”.

In the afternoon Jana Kubalová opened the topic of altitude medicine, Gamow bag practice included.

The 4th Edition of the International MOUNTAIN MEDICINE COURSE in the Czech Republic

The Mountain Medicine Course 2020/2021 started with the summer session, which took place in the beautiful settlement Jizerka in Jizera mountains. 11 medical doctors, 2 paramedics and 8 mountaineers practicing in 7 different countries (Czechia, Slovakia, Croatia, Ireland, Finland, Switzerland and Germany) gathered in the charming chalet of Šulc family at Jizerka to share their passion for the mountain medicine.


Another beautiful sunny day started on the base of the Mont Blanc Helicopteres Rescue Service.

Pilot Yves and flight assistant Cookie prepared a perfect presentation of their work, which was followed by a brief practical training. Everybody was touched by their generous and welcoming approach.


Prior to the avalanche training the participants could test a multi-functional transport rescue device “franco-garda” presented by the ski-patroller and mountain-rescuer Thomas.

Just afterwards, the group of Czech and Slovak rescuers was called to assist on a rescue mission in an avalanche accident, which was flawlessly prepared by the ski-patroller and whip Fabrice.

The Course’ participants, dog Tessi included, should organize the rescue on site, search for 5 victims, perform the medical assessment and basic life support, do the triage, call for professional rescue and evacuate victims to the landing zone.

As this training was a crown of the entire Mountain Medicine Course, it was a great pleasure for the supervisors to see how skilfully the participants managed the last challenging situation.

The scope of the Mountain Medicine Course for Mountaineers is to handle with the life-threatening emergency situations in remote environment. It mainly focuses on the following issues:

– make primary assessment

– perform basic life support

– effectively organize for professional rescue mission

– assist the professionals for further care and transport


11 of 14 participants accomplished all of the 6 modules and successfully achieved a diploma, which doubtlessly confirm their quality to perform the above-mentioned skills.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the ISMM, UIAA and ICAR MedCom, who endorsed our Course and to Mr.Thomas Faucher, Mr.Christophe Estebe (SERMA Ski-patrol) and Mr. Alain Colombey (Mont Blanc Helicopteres) to enable the precious training in Avoriaz.

Please, here you can enjoy a VIDEO from the entire COURSE!