Day 3 – hypothermia, frostbite and trauma

Day 3 was dedicated to the topics of hypothermia, frostbite and winter trauma rescue presented by Dr. Kristina Höschlová.

In the afternoon, the participants had opportunity to practice immobilisation techniques and transport with the ski-sledges.

The training ran under cooperation with the Czech Mountain Rescue and was accompanied by the presence of the legendary doctor Urs Wiget from Switzerland, who transmitted his experiences in reductions of luxations and fractures.

In the evening, Honza Prokeš from Total Outdoor Company presented some mountaineering equipment, useful for the mountain rescue.

Mountaineering techniques with the mountain guides

Winter session started with two busy days with the mountain guides Petr Giacintov, Vojta Dvořák and Martin Šťourač. Although at the end of March, the mountains offered perfect winter conditions, which intensified the outdoor practice.

Mountaineering techniques and rescue skills were trained such as walking with the crampons, using ice-axe, making the pulley system, provisory transport and bivouac survival.

In the evening, Himalayan climber Honza Trávníček shared his experiences from his expeditions to the 8000 peaks.

Mountain Medicine Course 2021 – winter session

The 4th edition of the International Mountain Medicine Course in the Czech Republic has been concluded with its winter session in Krkonoše mountains at the end of March 2021.

19 participants from seven different European countries gathered at the Dvoračky mountain chalet in order to spend one week of an intensive training in the mountain medicine. 12 of them (medical part – 10 doctors and 2 paramedics) were candidates for the DiMM, whether 7 participants took part in the Course under the regime of “Course for Mountaineers”.

After the summer session (Sept 2020) focused on expedition medicine, trauma rescue in remote environment, helicopter rescue and rock-climbing techniques, the winter part has been dedicated to the winter-related topics.

Day 7: Via ferrata – Water Rescue – Zip Line

This last day was prepared in cooperation with the Singing Rock Company and the Balic (Basic Lifesaving Competence) water rescue company.

After an introduction in the Via ferrata techniques, everybody could experience a technical rescue approach. Moving by a zipline or by a raft to the other side of the river, the participants joined the Balic water rescue team, which offered a great opportunity to experience the water rescue techniques.

Despite the difficult worldwide situation in the context of coronavirus related issues whole the Course was overwhelmed by a joyful, open-minded and passionate atmosphere.

Thanks to all those, who were involved either in its preparation, in its support or in the participation.

Day 6: Outdoor TRAUMA RESCUE practice

It was the time to gather all the gained skills and to practice the trauma-rescue techniques in the terrain.

After a workshop in improvised fixation, everybody could experience the real scenarios of injured persons in difficult mountain terrain.

Great thanks to the Mountain Rescue team and to the membres of the Liberec Medical Emergency Rescue Service for a dedicated participation in the training.