Day 3 started under the leadership of Ivana Sikulova practicing the use of avalanche transceivers and probes as well as making the snow profiles.

This was followed by a “real” avalanche scenario. Rapid organisation of the professional rescue teams and fast management of the casualty had to focus on the priority to find and save all buried victims.

The participants dealt with the issues of stress and time pressure very well. This was appreciated also by the Czech Mountain Rescue Members who, together with the course leaders, prepared this training. All aspects of avalanche rescue were discussed long after lunch when another outdoor activity was already on the way.

The course was subsequently joined by three Czech UIAGM mountain guides, Vojtěch Dvořák, Karel Kříž and Petr Giacintov. Walking on crampons, basics of walking on a glacier and work with an ice axe were carefully trained under their supervision.


In the evening, while tired from a busy day, participants welcomed a presentation by Zdeněk Hák,a mountaineer who personally experienced medical troubles on his expedition to the top of Noshak mountain in Afghanistan.

Following this presentation, new alpine climbing related products from specialized producers were introduced by the Total Outdoor Company.

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