Please, may you notice that for the registration, following document in pdf, jpg or gif format will be requested:

  • Medical doctors – copy of the medical diploma
  • Paramedics – employer’s certificate confirming at least 3 years of full time practice in emergency medicine (in Czech or Eng)
  • Medical students – certificate of Medical School’ study division about completion of the 4th or 5th year of the medical studies (in Czech or Eng)

The registration fee

2 990,- Euro (“DiMM” Course for Doctors and Paramedics)

2 000,- Euro (Course for Mountaineers)

Cancellation policy


It is to be cautiously notified that helicopter rescue techniques, climbing, skiing, touring ski hiking and other mountaineering and outdoor activities present a danger of personal injury or death.

The above-mentioned activities also require a good health and psychical fitness.

The International Mountain Medicine Course in the Czech Republic (“the Course”) consists, beside others, of these activities.

Thus, participants of the Course should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

The participants are also advised to cover the Course’ activities by their personal medical and accidental insurance, as well as travel insurance if moving out of their country.

Submitting my registration to the Course:

  • I understand that participation in the International Mountain Medicine Course in the Czech Republic (“the Course”) could include actions or tasks, which might be hazardous and which demand a good physical and psychical health and fitness.
  • I agree that I assume any risk of harm or injury, which might occur with my participation in the programme activities. I release the Course’ organizers and instructors from all liability, costs and damages which might arise from my participation in the Course’ programme.
  • I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to obtain adequate insurance to cover my travel and attendance activities related to this programme.
  • I agree that my personal data is processed for the needs of the inscription procedure and the organization of the International Mountain Medicine Course in the Czech Republic 2020