Day 6: Outdoor TRAUMA RESCUE practice

It was the time to gather all the gained skills and to practice the trauma-rescue techniques in the terrain.

After a workshop in improvised fixation, everybody could experience the real scenarios of injured persons in difficult mountain terrain.

Great thanks to the Mountain Rescue team and to the membres of the Liberec Medical Emergency Rescue Service for a dedicated participation in the training.


Another beautiful sunny day started on the base of the Mont Blanc Helicopteres Rescue Service.

Pilot Yves and flight assistant Cookie prepared a perfect presentation of their work, which was followed by a brief practical training. Everybody was touched by their generous and welcoming approach.


Prior to the avalanche training the participants could test a multi-functional transport rescue device “franco-garda” presented by the ski-patroller and mountain-rescuer Thomas.

Just afterwards, the group of Czech and Slovak rescuers was called to assist on a rescue mission in an avalanche accident, which was flawlessly prepared by the ski-patroller and whip Fabrice.

The Course’ participants, dog Tessi included, should organize the rescue on site, search for 5 victims, perform the medical assessment and basic life support, do the triage, call for professional rescue and evacuate victims to the landing zone.

As this training was a crown of the entire Mountain Medicine Course, it was a great pleasure for the supervisors to see how skilfully the participants managed the last challenging situation.

The scope of the Mountain Medicine Course for Mountaineers is to handle with the life-threatening emergency situations in remote environment. It mainly focuses on the following issues:

– make primary assessment

– perform basic life support

– effectively organize for professional rescue mission

– assist the professionals for further care and transport


11 of 14 participants accomplished all of the 6 modules and successfully achieved a diploma, which doubtlessly confirm their quality to perform the above-mentioned skills.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the ISMM, UIAA and ICAR MedCom, who endorsed our Course and to Mr.Thomas Faucher, Mr.Christophe Estebe (SERMA Ski-patrol) and Mr. Alain Colombey (Mont Blanc Helicopteres) to enable the precious training in Avoriaz.

Please, here you can enjoy a VIDEO from the entire COURSE!

Avoriaz – Saturday – the DAY of TRAUMA in Winter Terrain

Friday evening was dedicated for briefing and revision of the primarily acquired skills in trauma life support.

Next day, sparkling mountains fully covered by snow and a bright morning sun promised an exciting day.

The aim of morning session was to get familiar with the rescue material and the ski-sledges.

Afterwards the participants, divided into small groups, had to approach scenarios of injured persons in difficult mountain terrain.

They should secure the site of accident, do the medical assessment, call for professional rescue, evacuate the victim from difficult terrain and prepare him/her for aerial transport.


We would like to express our sincere thanks to the ski-patrollers Bigoude, Ingrid,

James and Damien, who prepared the training immaculately and assisted to the students with a lot of support, empathy and enthusiasm.

Also the medical supervisors Kristina Höschlová and Ivana Sikulová were very pleased to cooperate with them.



The Mountain Medicine Course experienced the Alpine Centre Avoriaz again!

The International Mountain Medicine Course in the Czech Republic was this year dedicated for the mountaineers.

Enthusiastic group of Czech and Slovak mountain leaders, ski-patrollers, guides and alpinists successfully accomplished the Course, which runs under the support of the ISMM, ICAR and UIAA MedCom.

4 Basic Modules held in Jizerka (Czech Republic) in September 2018 were followed by 2 Alpine Modules.

The winter training took place in the amazing alpine centre Avoriaz (France) on March 22-24, 2019 and it was organized in close cooperation with the local Ski Patrol Service SERMA and the Mont Blanc Helicopteres Air-Rescue Company.

The Course’ director and organiser Kristina Höschlová was happy to introduce the Czech and Slovak Rescuers to her former colleagues from Avoriaz.

Please, be invited to see further reports of these amazing days or go for a VIDEO of the entire Course!